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Microhardness Tester Service and Repair Files


Trouble Shooting Flowcharts
- Under Development

-HV-1000Z (7.2 MB)
-MHV-2000 (5.7 MB)

Repair Procedures
(MS Powerpoint)
-Aligning indenter with optics (280 kB)
-Aligning camera prism (1.4 MB)

Repair Video's
-HV-1000Z operation demo (60 Mb)
-MHV-2000 operation demo (59 Mb)
-MHV-2000 programming (21 Mb)
-MHT calibration (14 Mb)

- Under Development
Replacement parts
-Fixturing Vises

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HV-1000Z MHT MHV-2000 microhardness tester

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