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PICO 155 Service and Repair Files

Trouble Shooting Flowcharts
- Motor does not start LED ON
- Motor does not start-LED OFF

- PICO 155 operators manual
- PICO 150b operators manual

Repair Procedures MS Powerpoint)
- Testing cut-off switch (256 Kb)
- Panel lights ON-motor does not start (1.2 Mb)
- Front control panel wiring (5 MB)
- Adjusting maximum speed calibration (1.5 MB)
- Adjusting motor belt tension (0.85 MB)
- Power supply replacement (1.2 MB)
- Micrometer shaft cleaning and adjustment (0.6 MB)
- Speed calibration (1.5 MB)

Repair Video's
- Removing top fabricated cover (34 Mb)
- Removing top fabricated cover (7 Mb)

- Electrical Drawing
- Mechanical Assembly Drawing
- Dimensional Drawing

Replacement parts
-Cutting Arbor
-Micrometer Assembly
-Fixtures and Accessories
-Base components
-Hood assembly
PICO-155 precision wafering saw

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