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Metallographic Procedures for CLASS 10 Materials


Examples include silicon nitride, zirconia, SiSiC, silicon carbide, boron carbide, alumina, mullite, and ceramic matrix composites (CMC’s).

Engineered ceramics have found increasing applications for high temperature, corrosion resistance, low wearability and a number of other applications. An example of a Class 10 specimen preparation technique is for aluminium oxynitride (AlON) which is a ceramic composed of aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen. It is a transparent ceramic that is harder than glass.

Preparation Challenge:
AlON is very hard therefore specimen preparation procedures generally require a CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) component to remove induced microstructural damage. When examining the surface, it is recommended that a sputter coating be used to increase surface reflectivity.

Metallographic specimen preparation for general ceramics such as silicon carbide, alumina, mullite   Metallographic specimen preparation for engineered ceramics such as silicon nitride and partially stabilized zirconia  



Metallographic specimen preparation for ceramic matrix composites (CMC'S)

Alumina or Sapphire Metallographic microstructure of Alumina ceramics
Metallographic microstructure of ALON or alumina / aluminum nitride
Metallographic microstructure of Mullite
Metallographic microstructure of Steatite
Metallographic microstructure of berillium oxide

Metallographic microstructure of partially stabilized zirconia
Metallographic microstrucuture of Silcon nitride
Metallographic microstructure of SiSiC engineered ceramic
Metallographic microstructure SIALON

SiC fibers in Si3N4 matrix
HfB2 fibers in BN matrix
SiC particles in Si3N4 matrix
Metallographic micrograph of SiC Zirconium Diboride ceramic matric composite
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