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Metallographic Procedures for CLASS 3 Materials

CLASS 3 Lower Ductilty Metals

Examples of lower ductility metals include powder metals and cast iron.

Powder metallurgy is an example of a Class 3 low ductility material that is a very useful manufacturing process for parts designed with hard-to-machine geometries. The process includes pressing a metal powder into its shape and then sintering it just below the melting temperature of the alloy.

Preparation Challenge:
The metallographic specimen preparation of powder metallurgy samples is affected by the specimen’s composition, packing and sintering conditions. Microstructural features of interest include: porosity, grain size, inclusions and orientation of voids. Proper metallurgical preparation takes into account that the microstructure may be porous and perhaps somewhat brittle due to inadequate sintering conditions.
Vacuum impregnation is often used to support voids and porosity before initial grinding. In addition, metal smeared into pores can be removed by an intermediate etch in between polishing steps.

Metallographic Preparation for powder metallurgical samples   Metallographic Preparation for Cast Irons  



Metallographic micrographs of Sintered Iron
Metallographic micrograph of graphite flakes in cast iron
Metallographic micrograph of tungsten refractory
White metal metallographic microstructure

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