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Metallographic Procedures for CLASS 6 Materials


Examples include titanium, Inconel, Ni-Cr alloys, superalloys, nickel and cobalt alloys.

Class 6 materials such as titanium alloys are very useful because they have a good strength-to-weight ratio. This makes them ideal for use in areas ranging from aerospace to sports equipment.

Preparation Challenge:
Metallographic preparation of titanium and titanium alloys is fairly straight forward by conventional metallographic techniques.

Metallographic Preparation for Superalloys   Metallographic Preparation for Titanium alloys  



Metallographic micrograph of Nimonic90
Metallographic micrograph of Titanium Ti6Al4V alloy
Metallographic micrograph of Fe-Ni-Co-Al superalloy
Metallographic micrograph of Welded Titanium to Carbon Steel.
Metallographic micrograph of cast colbalt
  Cast titanium microsctructure
Metallographic micrograph of Wrought Nickel
  Wrought titanium microstructure

Hastelloy metallographic microstructure


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