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Periclase Mineral Specimen Preparation

Metallographic etchant database

The microstructural preparation of hard minerals requires correctly cutting and initial grinding of the sample; followed by rough polishing and polishing which minimizes damage. The use of polycrystalline diamond on low napped polishing pads effectively reduces the damage to the specimen; which can easily be removed by final polishing with colloidal silica.

Proper microstructural preparation requires minimizing fracturing and damage during cutting and initial grinding. The use of colloidal silica as a CMP polishing lubricant and abrasive significantly improves the surface finish for this class of materials.


Diamond Wafering blade - medium grit / low concentration

Castable Mounting with Epoxy or Acrylic resins




Force/ sample



30 um DIAMAT diamond suspension on CERMESH Metal Mesh cloth   5-10 lbs

200/200 rpm

Until plane
6 um DIAMAT diamond on TEXPAN polishing pad SIAMAT colloidal silica 10 lbs

200/200 rpm

5 minutes

1 um DIAMAT diamond on GOLDPAD polishing pad

SIAMAT colloidal silica

10 lbs

200/200 rpm

5 minutes

SIAMAT Colloidal silca on TEXPAN polishing pad


10 lbs

100/100 rpm

5 minutes

Metallographic micrograph for Periclase Mineral

Periclase, 200X (B.F.) Theraml etching at 1200 Celcius for 2 hours

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