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Thank you for your interest in becoming an International Distributor / Agent for PACE Technologies. We are a global metallographic consumables and equipment supplier and we are seeking highly motivated and dedicated partners as we expand our global presence.

The strategic goal of PACE Technologies can be summarized by our 5 "F's"

-First to Quote
-First to Follow-up
-First to Ship
-Full Technical training and support
-Fastest Service

We offer all of the above and at great pricing to the customer. We believe that this model has been the key to our success and continued growth.

If you fit with this model and are looking for an exciting growth opportunity please contact us for more information.

Contact us at:


First to quote:

First to quote:
  • Immediately acknowlege customer's request and forward to distributor
  • We work closely with distributors to ensure rapid quotes
  • Major competitors take up to two or more weeks for international quotes
First to
  • We request our distributor to follow-up within one business day.
First to Ship:
  • Inventory:
    • We maintain 6-12 month inventory.
  • International orders typically ship within a week.
  • Well established international shipping department.
    • Schedule-B codes in price list and paperwork.
Full Technical Training and Support:
  • Web based 24/7 support:
    • Automated, web based support.
    • Online Manuals
    • Most comprehensive online technical support in our business.
  • Distributor Training Seminars
  • Published Applications Support
  • Procedure Development Laboratory
Fastests Service:
  • Only metallographic manufacturer with a 24/7 comprehensive web service page.
    • Full parts list
    • Video repair guides
    • Step-by-step PowerPoint presentations
    • Mechanical and Electrical drawings
  • All Equipment designed for serviceability
    • All key parts kept in inventory
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