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Decarburization is the loss of carbon at the metals surface due to chemical reaction(s) with the contacting media. Decarburization can over time significantly change the surface properties of the metal. ASTM E1077 (Standard Test Methods for Estimating the Depth of Decarburization of Steel Specimens) provides the guidelines for estimating the average or greatest depth of decarburization in hardened or non-hardened steel products. Metallographic analysis of a properly polished and etched sample is considered an acceptable technique for determining decarburization for heated-treated, spherodize-annealed, cold-worked, as-hot rolled, as-forged, annealed, or normalized steel specimens. The depth of decarburization can be determined by the observed changes in the microstructural cross-section due to changes in the carbon content.

ASTM defines the following terms:

MATERIALS PLUS Decarburization
MATERIALS Plus Decarburization Screen

Materials Plus Decarburization Report

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Feature Specification
Decarburization Materials Plus Decarburization icon
Testing Standard(s) ASTM E562 & E1245
Example Procedure Materials Plus Decarburization procedure

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