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Nimonic Alloy Specimen Preparation

Metallographic etchant database

Superalloys are high-performance alloys which exhibits excellent mechanical strength and creep resistance at high temperatures, good surface stability, and corrosion and oxidation resistance. The base element in Superalloys are nickel, cobalt, nickel-iron.

Nickel cobalt materials such as Nimonic alloys are relatively easy to polish by standard metallographic techniques. However, the results can be significantly improved by using finely graded nanometer alpha alumina polishing solutions.


MAXCUT Abrasive blade (Cat. No. MAX-C or MAX-I series)

Compression Mounting with Phenolic, Epoxy or Diallyl Phthalate compression mounting resins




Force/ sample


240 grit SiC paper
360 grit SiC paper
600 grit SiC paper


5-10 lbs

Until plane
1 minute
1 minute

9 um DIAMAT diamond on POLYPAD polishing pad

DIALUBE Purple Extender

5-10 lbs

2 minutes

6 um DIAMAT diamond on TEXPAN polishing pad

DIALUBE Purple Extender

5-10 lbs

2 minutes

1 um DIAMAT diamond on GOLDPAD polishing pad

DIALUBE Purple Extender

5-10 lbs

2 minutes

0.05 um Nanometer alumina on TRICOTE polishing pad


5-10 lbs

1 minute

Metallographic micrograph of Nimonic90

Nimonic 90, 400 X (DIC)

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