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General Steel Metallographic Preparation
Specimen Preparation (Class 5 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 5 sample preparation  


Iron and steels play an important role in the world of structural and mechancial metals. Steel, in particular, is very useful because its hardness, wearability and toughness can be altered significantly by heat treating and annealing processes. Steels can be classified into three categories for micrstrutural analysis based on their hardness.

Preparation Challenge:

Not particularly difficult to prepare, however when using SiC abrasive papers the sample must track over the entire diameter of the SiC paper to avoid uneven break down and thus creating uneven grinding across the mount.

Low Carbon Steel
(furnace cooled)

Metallographic micrograph for slow cooled steel

Low Carbon Steel
(water quenched

Metallographic micrograph for fast cooled steel

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