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Metallographic Vibratory Polishers

GIGA-S 9&12-inch vibratory polisher
Vibratory Polishers GIGA-S
Polishing Bowl Size 9 or 12-inch
Holders and Accessories GIGA-S fixtures

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GIGA-S Vibratory Polisher

GIGA-S metallographic vibratory polisher utilizes either a 9 or 12-inch polishing bowl. The bowls are interchangeable and can be changed or removed easily with a quick release lever. The GIGA-S also uses a revolutionary high performance PZT motor for better vibration intensity and control. The new more advanced control panel also allow for timed or continous polishing, pulsed polishing and for saving and storing programming options. The GIGA-S is designed to prepare even the most difficult to polish materials with a very gentle polishing action. It is especially useful for EBSD polsihing sample preparation (electron backscatter diffraction). Polishing is accomplished by setting the default frequency so that the sample begins to vibrate and then changing the voltage in order to adjust the rotational speed (cat no. GIGA-S).

Metallographic vibratory polisher GIGA-S vibratory polisher metallographic equipment Click here to get a quote
Feature Specification
Polishing Bowl size 9 or 12-inch diameter
Drive Mechanism Advanced PZT motor
Construction Aluminum casting, SMC (injection molded) cover and acrylic hood
Electrical Specifications 110V or 220V 50/60 Hz
Frequency 0-120 Hz
Motor Voltage 24 VDC
(W x D x H)
430 mm x 525 mm x 410 mm
17 x 21 x 16-inches
Weight 135 lbs (62 kgs)
Part No. GIGA-S
Fixtures GIGA fixtures

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GIGA Vibratory Polisher Accessories (options)

Description Part Number
1-inch diameter 304 stainless steel specimen holders (each) VIB-0100
1.25-inch diameter 304 stainless steel specimen holders (each) VIB-0125
1.5-inch diameter 304 stainless steel specimen holders (each) VIB-0150
2-inch diameter 304 stainless steel specimen holders (each) VIB-0200
1-inch weights, 304 stainless steel (each) VIB-WT-0100
1.25-inch weights, 304 stainless steel (each) VIB-WT-0125
1.5-inch weights, 304 stainless steel (each) VIB-WT-0150
2-inch weights, 304 stainless steel (each) VIB-WT-0200
Mounting plate for 1-inch and 1.25-inch holders PLATE-0900-1
Mounting plate for 1.5-inch and 2-inch holders PLATE-0900-2
9-inch Interchangeable bottom bowl GIG-9IN-BOWL
12-inch Interchangeable bottom bowl GIG-12IN-BOWL

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