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Metallographic Precision Cutting

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Metallographic Wafering Blades
Precision Wafering Blades
Diamond and/or CBN Abrasives)
2 / 5
Metallographic Stainless Steel Wafering Blades
Precision Wafering Blades
with Stainless Steel Core
3 / 5
Metallographic Electroplated Wafering Blades
Electroplated Diamond Blades
(soft / gummy materials)
4 / 5
Metallographic Precision Cutting Abrasive Blades
Precision Cutting
Abrasive Blades
5 / 5
Metallographic Precision Cutting Fluid
DIACUT Cutting Fluid
with anticorrosion formulation

Wafering Blades Characteristics
  • Abrasives:
    -Diamond - Hardest know abrasive excellent for most materials (not recommended for heat treated steels)
    -Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) - 2nd hardness known abrasive used for cutting heat treated steels
    -Hydrid: Combination of diamond and CBN. Useful for all materials
  • Abrasive Concentration:
    -Low Concentration: Recommended for cutting ceramics, glass and minerals
    -High Concentration: Recommended for cutting metals and composite materials
  • Abrasvie Size
    -Fine grit: 15 micron abrasive for cutting brittle and easy to chip / fracture materials such as silicon chips and glass
    -Medium grit: 70 micron abrasive for cutting more ductile materials
  • Blade Core Material:
    -Steel core with copper flash: most common precision wafering blade
    -Stainess steel core: more corrosion resistant and economical
  • Abrasive Bond:
    -Pressed: Abrasive is mixed in a powder and pressed at high pressure
    -Electroplated: Diamond is plated in a nickel bond. Raised abrasive for coarser cutting. Useful for cutting soft smearable materials

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