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Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond Abrasives

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Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond - Dyed<
Polycrystalline Diamond - Dyed
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Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond - Thicker High Viscosity
Polycrystalline Diamond - Thicker High Viscosity
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Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond - Thinner Low Viscosity
Polycrystalline Diamond - Low Viscosity for Dispensers
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Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond Paste
Polycrystalline Diamond Paste
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Metallographic Polishing Lubricants
Polishing Lubricants

Polycrystalline diamond as compared to synthetic and natural monocrystalline diamond provides better surface finishes and higher removal rates for metallographic specimen preparation. The features and advantages of polycrystalline diamond include the following:
  • Higher cutting rates
  • Very uniform surface finish
  • More uniform particle size distribution
  • Higher removal rates (self sharpening abrasives)
  • Harder/tougher particles
  • Blocky shaped
  • Hexagonal microcrystallites (equally hard in all directions)
  • Extremely rough surface (more cutting points)
  • Surface area 300% greater than monocrystalline diamond
  • No abrasion-resistant directionality (abrasion independent of particle orientation)
High Viscosity - Recommended for manual dispensing
Low Viscosity - Recommeded for automated dispensing
Paste - For non-aqueous polishing with an alcohol lube
Lubricants - For extending / lubricating diamond abrasives

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