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Metallographic Diamond / Composite Grinding Disks

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Metallographic Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Disks
Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Disks
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Metallographic Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding Disks
Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding Disks
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Metallographic Composite Grinding Disks
Composite Disks
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Metallographic Magnetic Backed Diamond Disks System
Magnetic Backed Diamond Disks

Diamond is the hardest know material and makes a great grinding abrasive for many hard materials. The advantages and disadvantages of grinding with diamond are as follows.:

  • Advantages:
    - Long lasting (most materials)
    -Hard and Tough abrasive
    -Can be used for fixed, semi-fixed and free abrasive application
  • Disadvantages:
    -Does not work well with high carbon or hardened steels (diamond dulls due to reaction with ferrite structure)
    -Needs to be conditioned or dressed for optimum operation

Metal vs. Resin Bond

There are two types of bonding for diamond grinding disks: metal and resin. Metal bonded diamond grinding disks are more aggressive and can produce more damage. Resin bonded disks will break down easier to produce a better surace finish, however, they typically have lower life.

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