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Copper Specimen Metallographic Preparation
Specimen Preparation (Class 1 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 1 sample preparation  

Copper and Copper Alloys Description:

Copper and its alloys are relatively soft materials which have a wide range of alloy applications.

Preparation Challenge:

Copper and copper alloys are difficult to prepare because they have a tendency to work harden and have oxide inclusions. The result is that the oxide inclusions can become dislodged and scratch the surface. This scratching is more apparent following etching.

To minimize oxide pull-out, preparation damage can be minimized by using fine grit alumina grinding papers and polishing with polycrystalline diamond for the intermediate polishing step, followed by polishing with polycrystalline alumina.

Tough Pitch Copper
Microstructure of Tough Pitch Copper

Manganese-Aluminum Bronze
Metallographic micrograph of manganese aluminum bronze

Copper / Stainless Steel Weld
Metallograhic microstructure of copper stainless steel weld

Copper - Zinc alloys
Metallographic micrograph of a copper zinc alloy

Nickel-Iron Bronze
Metallographic micrograph Nickel iron bronze

Metallographic micrograph Nickel iron bronze

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