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Nickel Hastelloy Superalloy
Specimen Preparation (Class 6 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 6 sample preparation  

Temperature and corrosion resistant materials such as Hasteloy Nickel Based Superalloys are prepared mostly with standard metallographic techniques. However, the results can be significantly improved by using finely graded CMP (chemical mechanical polish) polishing solutions on a high napped polishing pad.

MAXCUT Abrasive blade (Cat. No. MAX-E or MAX-VHS series)

Compression Mounting with Phenolic, Epoxy or Diallyl Phthalate compression mounting resins

Abrasive/surface Lubricant Force/ sample Speed
Time Individual
Force mode
Central Force
120 grit SiC paper*
240 grit SiC paper*
Water 5-10 lbs 200/200 rpm Planar
1 min
  Metallographic central polishing force
360 grit SiC paper
600 grit SiC paper
800 grit SiC paper
1200 grit SiC paper
Water 5-10 lbs 200/200 rpm 1 min
1 min
1 min
1 min
Metallographic individual polishing force Metallographic central polishing force
1 um DIAMAT diamond on
ATLANTIS polishing pad
5-10 lbs 200/200 rpm 2 min Metallographic individual polishing force Metallographic central polishing force
CMP polishing slurry on
MICROPAD polishing pad
(vibratory polishing is
recommended for final step)
  5-10 lbs 200/200 rpm

30-60 sec

10-15 min

Metallographic individual polishing force Metallographic central polishing force

*Required for central polishing force. Click here for more information on central vs. individual polishing force polishing.

Metallographic micrograph of Hastealloy
Hastelloy etched with Adlers etchant, Mag. 200X (DIC).
Composition: Molybdenum: 8-10%, Chromium: 20.5-23%,
Iron: 17-20%, Tungsten: 0.2-1%, Cobalt: 0.5-2.5%,
Carbon: 0.05-.015%, Silicon: 1%, Manganese: 1%,
Boron: 0.01%, Phosphorus: 0.04%, Sulfur: 0.03%,
Nickel: Remainder


Common Etchants
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CAUTION:Safety is very important when etching. Be sure to wear the appropriate protective clothing and observe all WARNINGS on chemical manufacuters SDS (Safety Data Sheets). Also review the COMMENTS and CONDITIONS Section for each etchant.

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