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Thermal Spray Metallographic Preparation
Specimen Preparation (Class 7 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 7 sample preparation  


The microstructure of thermal spray coatings has found applications in the medical as well as the aerospace industry.

Preparation Challenge:

Keeping in mind that thermal spray coatings have basically been applied in order to modify a materials surface properties; the challenge in microstructural preparation of these materials is to maintain both their flatness and structural integrity.

Nickel Chrome Coatings
Metallographic micrograph for Nickel Chrome Thermal Spray Coating

Zirconia Coating on Nickel Superalloy
Zirconia thermal spray coating

Tungsten-Cobalt Coating
Zirconia thermal spray coating

Nickel-Aluminum-Moly Coating
Zirconia thermal spray coating

Nickel-Aluminum Coating
Zirconia thermal spray coating


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