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Metal Matix Composites (MMC's)
Specimen Preparation (Class 9 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 9 sample preparation

Metal matrix composite applications have been found in high performance sporting goods and high performance military applications. They are primarily used to combine the hardness and energy absorbing characteristics of the ceramic with the bonding and ductility characteristics of the metal.

Preparation Challenge:
As will other composites, specimen preparation must maintain flatness across the varying component hardness’. In addition, the correct preparation process should result in a microstructure which has avoided pulling out the brittle component.

Silicon Carbide Aluminum

Metallographic micrograph of SiC-aluminum MMC composite

Zirconium Diboride Titanium
Metallographic micrograph of ZrO2 in a titanium matrix

Titanium SiC composite
Weld to Carbon Steel

Metallographic micrograph of SiC particles in a titanium matrix welded to carbon steel

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