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Metallographic IM-3000 Metallurgical Microscope Video

IM-3000 Metallurgical Microscope
Metallographic IM-3000 Metallurgical Microscope IM-3000 Inverted Metallographic Microscope
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Metallographic IM-3000 Metallurgical Microscope Specifications

Feature IM-3000
Eyepiece: Wide field WF10X (Field No. 20mm)
Objectives: Infinite Plan Achromatic 4X/0.1
Infinite Plan Achromatic 10X/0.25
Infinite Plan Achromatic 20X/0.4
Infinite Plan Achromatic 40X/0.6
Trinocular head: Inclined 30 degrees, interpupillary distance 48-75 mm
Focusing system: Coaxial coars/fine focus
Nosepiece: Quintuple
Mechanical stage: X-Y mechanical stage
Illumination: 6V/30W Halogen Lamp
Color filters: Grey color filter
Blue color filter
Green color filter
Ground glass
Electrical specification 110V/60 Hz; 220V/50 Hz

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Metallurgical Microscopes
Description Part Number
Brightfield inverted metallurgical microscope IM-3000
Metallurgical Microscope Accessories
Description Part Number
Infinite Plan Achromatic 50X/0.75 Objective 431-633
Infinite Plan Achromatic 100X/0.90 Objective 431-683
Digital camera (5 MP) MD-50-T
C-Mount 0.5X adapter for IM-3000 431-703
Image Analysis Software MATERIALS PLUS

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