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Metallographic MEGA-T400S Abrasive Cutting Video

MEGA-T400S Wheel feed cutters MEGA-T400S Abrasive Saw
MEGA-T400S 16-inch Abrasive Cutter


Cutting Basics
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Metallographic MEGA-T400S Specifications

Feature MEGA-T400S Description
Operation Manual
Cut-off blade size Max diameter
400 mm (~16 inch)
Cutting capacity Max diameter
6-inch (150 mm)
Cutting capacity (HxD) Maximum 3.15 x 12-inch
(80 x 300 mm)
Wheel feed (z-axis) 5.12-inch
(130 mm)
Table feed (y-axis) 5.9-inch
(150 mm)
Table Dimensions 11 x 18.25-inch
(280 x 470 mm)
Cooling Unit 14 gallons (53 liters)
Servo Motor power 6.7 hp (5 kW/15 Nm)
Motor speed 1500-3500 rpm
Cutting force
(current settings)
5-15 amps
Dimensions (WxDxH) 48.2 x 51.4 x 63-inch
(122 cm x 130 cm x 160 cm) (hood closed)

33.5 x 37.5 x 65.5-inch
(122 cm x 130 cm x 204 cm) (hood open)
Weight 880 lbs (400 kg)
Electrical Specification

Standard 208Y / 380V
3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Clamping fixtures MEGA-S Vises
Part No. MEGA-T400S

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