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Metallographic Procedures for CLASS 1 Materials

CLASS 1 Soft Ductile Materials

Class 1 materials are relatively soft materials which have a wide range of industrial applications.

Preparation Challenge:
The difficulty in preparing these materials arises from the fact that these materials are very soft and often times have oxide inclusions (aluminum and copper) in the microstructure. Proper specimen preparation minimizes abrasive embedding and retains the oxides, thus eliminating scratching and smearing. If the specimen is not prepared properly, the microstructure will not be accurately represented.

Metallographic sample preparation for aluminum alloys   Metallographic specimen preparation for copper alloys  


Metallographic preparation for zinc alloys   Metallographic specimen preparation for polymer matric composites (PMC'S)  



2024 aluminum micrograph
Microstructure of Tough Pitch Copper
6061 aluminum micrograph
Metallograhic microstructure of copper stainless steel weld
7075 aluminum micrograph
  Metallographic micrograph of a copper zinc alloy
Aluminum-silicate metallographic microstructure
  Metallographic micrograph of manganese aluminum bronze

Zinc-Aluminum alloy metallographic microstructure


  Metallographic micrograph Nickel iron bronze
      Metallographic micrograph Nickel iron bronze

Metallographic micrograph for tin-antimony-copper  
Metallographic micrograph of carbon-carbon composites
Type metal microstructure
  Metallographic micrograph of boron graphite composites
Metallographic micrograph for zinc   Metallographic micrograph of glass filled polymer composites
Electronic package with solder joint      
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