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Electronic Materials Metallographic Preparation
Specimen Preparation (Class 4 Procedures)
Metallographic Class 4 sample preparation  


Electronic and microelectronic materials are composed of a wide variety of materials, ranging from Pb-Sn solders to ceramic packages which have both soft and very hard materials.

Typical Material Package Component Physical Properties
Alumina, Aluminum Nitride,
Beryllium oxide
Packing body Hard, brittle
Au / Si Die attach Soft
Ni/Fe/Co Leads/lids Tough, ductile
Au and/or Ni Plating Soft, ductile
IC chip
Ag/Cu Lead braze Soft, ductile
Pb/Sn Solder Soft
Tungsten Coating refractory Hard, tough
Aluminum Bonded Wires Soft

Preparation Challenge:

These materials require minimizing the amount of damaged produced during sectioning as well as polishing process which maintain the integrity of the specimens different hardness components.

Silicon Microeletronics
Metallographic micrograph of ceramic package

GaAs Microeletronics
Metallographic micrograph of GaAs

BeO Substrates
Metallographic micrograph of BeO ceramic package

AlN substrates
Metallographic image of AlN electronic package

Multilayer Ceramic capacitors
Metallographic micrograph of muli-layer barium titinate ceramic capacitor

Metallographic micrograph of Ni-Fe ferrite

Solder joints non-ceramic substrate
Metallographic micrograph of electronic solder joint

PZT Devices
PZT Devices

MEMS Devices
MEMS Devices


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